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Wow, I really am bad at keeping my blog up to date. Sorry about that! Well, I’ve experienced so many things since my journey to Mexico started. I have a wonderful director, her name is Milka  and her husband, Orlando, is really cool too.  She’s pregnant so we’re all very excited about her having a baby! Appearently it will be a little Orlando , isn’t that cute?!

I’ve visited a couple if places since I arrived here. For example the small city saint Cristobal, which is a really cute city with a lot of culture and atmosphere. Many people there are free spirited and walk around in yoga pant with Rastas and sell self made jewelry on the streets! I adore the atmosphere in Saint Crisotbal.

Then I have also visited Palenque, which it’s one if the most famous Maya-Temple-Ruins on earth! The ruins are older than 2000 years, and it was unbelievably hot there. We were in the middle of the jungle, all sweaty and full of nasty mosquito bites, but it was definitely worth it! Now, three weeks later, I still have mosquito bites that haven’t healed just yet.

The city if Palenque was not very spectacular, I went out for coffee a lot, and I went shopping but that’s about all you can do there. But all in all it was a much needed, very relaxing little vacation! I will definitely go back!


My work here is quite exhausting especially in the last couple of weeks. The students rarely study for test, which is quite frustrating, considering the effort I make for them. I spend so much time trying to explain the various kinds of grammar tenses, and really sometimes make a fool of myself, so I guess it’s OK for me to get frustrated with them.

They had three weeks to write me an essay, which will be 20% of their final grade! about the Memorial Day in the USA, so they gave me their essays this week. Well I can tell you I felt as helpless as  newborn baby. All of them used an internet translator, so none of them actually did the exercise of writing an essay in their own words (which was the actual assignment), and some gave me an essay about Halloween, thanksgiving day and the Independence Day in the USA. And I was like, “uhm guys  this was not your assignment?! Why would you write a 700 word essay on a topic, which was not given to you by your teacher? That doesn’t even make sense.. ”

So I’ll have to think of a way to grade those papers, because I feel bad giving them zero.. We will see!


Apart from that I can tell you, I would have never, in a million years, guessed that it can get cold here in Mexico ! It has rained since six days NON-STOP and the internet has been down.. So we go decided that we will buy a little heater when we’re in town the next time for our little one-room-house 🙂 because it really gets cold here.. ⛄️❄️


It will be just fine!

In exactly 50 days I will be flying to Ecuador for two weeks to visit my old friend Alex from my exchange year 2010/2011 to Belgium ! I’m really excited, it will be great!


I guess that’s all I have to tell you. I will try to post things in English more frequent! I promise 😉


have a a good one guys 👋


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